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About Us

We are a team specializing in VAT registration in Spain, with extensive knowledge of the general tax law and the laws governing the implementation of the IVA (VAT in Spanish).

Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is our law firm that offers legal services across a number of key areas for business, such as company formation, tax consultancy, accounting or company liquidation to name just a few. In the area of taxation, namely VAT compliance, our team of experts can provide investors will all of the needed details about the general implementation of the tax as well as the applicable rates, how to obtain a Spanish VAT number and how to follow the refund and reporting procedures.

Our team

Our team consists of many lawyers and specialists. We present some of our attorneys below.

Federico Richardson Alborna is the founder of Lexidy Law Boutique in Barcelona and, along with his team, is dedicated to providing high-quality legal services to foreign and local investors alike.  He specializes in entrepreneurial matters and is a fluent English speaker, ready to assist investors. 

Laura Fusté is from Barcelona. She started her law career with a law degree from the University of Barcelona and since then she has been working in various law firms to develop her career. Laura had the opportunity to spend four months in Nepal as a volunteer, during her studies, which developed her interest in international relations and Immigration Law. Now at Lexidy, she is part of the Immigration Department. She is also a member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. The support of Laura Fusté at Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is recommended to international clients looking for professionalism.

Antonio Torres Valdés has expensive knowledge in legal matters concerning business relocations as well as other corporate issues. He is a fluent English and French speaker, ready to assist foreign investors who are ready to open a Spanish company. 

This is only part of our team that offers services related to tax law, VAT registration in Spain, business law and many other legal fields.

Our affiliations

Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is a member of a number of institutions both in Spain and in other EU countries. Our law firm is part of the International Bar Association as well as the German-Spanish Association of Lawyers. Other affiliations include those with the Barcelona Bar Association and the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

Our services

Our division specializing in VAT registration in Spain can help both local and foreign investors who are involved in business activities that are subject to this indirect tax. IVA, as it is referred to in Spanish, is a tax that applies to the deliveries of goods and the services provided in selected business fields. It also applies to the import of goods and intra-community acquisitions.

Some of the most important issues concerning the Spanish IVA for which we provide services are described below:

  • registration: unlike in other jurisdictions where VAT registration may depend on a certain turnover threshold, in Spain VAT registration is mandatory for all transactions carried out within the territory.
  • Spanish VAT number application: this number is required when engaging in taxable transactions and it will appear on invoices; companies will also need to determine if they are in need of an EORI number for intra-community operations and our agents can assist them in obtaining these numbers.
  • accounting for VAT purposes: all VAT-taxable operations need to be recorded properly so that the total amount of VAT passed to the customer and that borne by the taxpayer can be determined; our team specializing in VAT registration in Spain can also help investors with information about the register books for this particular tax.
  • VAT refund: companies are entitled to apply for monthly VAT refunds; our agents can help you calculate and apply for these.

These are just some of the main services our team offers in relation to the value-added tax in Spain. One other important issue to remember when discussing this tax is its rate. IVA has separate rates, depending on the types of goods or services that are being provided:

  • 21% is the standard VAT rate in Spain, applicable to most types of good and services;
  • the lowest rate of 4% applies to foodstuffs as well as newspapers and magazines and certain types of pharmaceutical products;
  • a 10% rate is applicable in case of selected types of foodstuffs, certain types of events (such as sports or cultural ones) as well as for passenger transport.

Business owners who wish to know more about these rates and where their services are included in the taxation scheme can reach out to our agents specializing in VAT registration in Spain.

Contact us for more information on the implementation of the value-added tax (impuesto sobre el valor añadido), the requirements to obtain the Spanish VAT number, the treatment of intra-community transactions as well as any other questions regarding this particular tax.